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Our fields

We have the widest selection of paintball field in New Zealand, with nine fantastic themed fields catering for recreational and paintball enthusiasts. We also have two bush fields (Platoon & Rambo’s End) for those bigger groups wanting a real woodland experience and two training & tournament fields, including a synthetic surfaced all-weather competition paintball field. Hover over each image to find out more.

News: Lock N Load Adventures to close in December 2019. Check out our great closing down deals until then – click here

Area 51

Illegal Aliens from outer space have definitely landed. Crashed UFO’s, defence rockets, craters and strange mounds set up a terrific “out of this world” paintball battle.

Barrel Course

Duck and weave through makeshift bunkers, move up quickly to keep the opposition on their heels! The Barrel Field is designed to mimic tournament layouts, perfect for training new paintballers in the art and tactics of speedball.

Dawn of the Dead

Guarded by giant obelisks, burial mounds, gravestones and crypts. Repel zombie attacks or break out of the cemetery and participate in perfect zombie apocalypse.

D Day

3 landing crafts, tanks traps galore, sand bags and craters, standing soldiers, gun emplacements; one fantastic beach head complete with army vehicles and two ginormous 12m long battery guns set the scene for the re-enactment of this famous landing.


After 20 days in the saddle you’ve arrived in Deadwood, the meanest town in the west. Waiting to meet you is a corrupt sheriff and his deputies. The gunfire rages as you battle for the town.

Mad Max

Disaster has struck and all that remains are zombies and a few last survivors. Battle it out in the town centre and take charge of the train carriage while the enemy clusters around the bus.

PSP Field

A synthetic astro turf field, ready for training and tournaments all year round! Plus where we play Arrow Tag.

Rambo's End

For hardened veterans only. Tramp through the bush, descend down the steep embankment and navigate fallen trees and rugged terrain to find the enemy. Try not to fall in the swamp.

Shooting Range

Improve your shooting accuracy. Room for four people at once, at no extra cost.

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